Daily Survey Exploit!

I’m not sure how many of you know about these exploits for the daily surveys on gpt sites, but it’s a great way to make a little extra cash every day.

I think just about every GPT site has the daily surveys. And there is an extremely simple way to complete them. Before doing this though, I must warn you that the advertiser might ban you from completing more of their offers, your offers could be reversed, or you could be banned from the GPT site.

Anyways, here is how to do the exploit. The first one is very easy. So far I know that this exploit works for the following survey names:

Opinion Surveys (Daily)
Lucky Surveys (Daily)
IDz Surveys (Daily)
GiveUsYour2Cents (Daily)
PR1904 Panel

You can complete these offers very easily by doing these steps:
1. Click the offer
2. Look at the address bar and find “pgtid=19” in the url. (pictured below)
3. Change “19” to “23”
4. Hit Enter
5. Once you reach the “Congrats, you completed this survey” page, go back to the GPT site and submit the offer.

Second Method:
If you find a survey and the URL says something like:


Follow these steps:
1. Copy the string of text after “user_id=”
2. Paste that into notepad
3. Copy this URL:
4. Paste the first string you copied after “user_id=” in the second string.
5. You should have a URL like:


6. Paste the url in your browser window.
7. Hit enter
8. Once you see the “Congrats you completed this offer” page, submit the offer on the GPT site.

So far, I know this method works with this survey: (but it should work whenever you see “OpinionsHere.com” in the URL

Ethnic Survey

These are surveys that I’m not sure how to complete yet. I’ll keep looking around and see if I come up with something. If anyone has any information on these I would appreciate it if you shared

Daily Survey Router (Daily)
AmpSurveys (Daily)
Survey Sampling
MyThoughtCounts (Daily)
SSI Survey (Daily
PR1407 Panel

List of sites with the Daily Survey offers:

Ref Links:

Non Ref Links


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